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How to Operate the Speed and Strength Settings on the Dr.UGraft Console
About the Dr. Ugraft System

Operating the Dr.UGraft ™ Console – The Fluid, Speed and Strength Settings

With the Dr.UGraft ™ console, practitioners are able to customise the speed and strength settings of the punch as well as functionalities of the fluid…
About the Dr. Ugraft System

Breaking Down The Dr.UGraft ™ System After Surgery

Following a surgical procedure, it is then time to take apart the  Dr.UGraft™ components and prepare the equipment for cleaning and sterilization. First, disconnect the…
Cleaning and Wiping Down the Dr.UGraft Console After Surgery
About the Dr. Ugraft System

Sanitizing the Dr.UGraft ™ Console and Autoclaving the Handpiece After a Hair Transplant

Following a hair transplant surgery, sanitizing  the Dr.UGraft ™ console is accomplished by wiping down using a recommended surgical disinfectant such as Maxide wipes which is…
Basic Dr.UGraft System Components
About the Dr. Ugraft System
A Summary and Overview of the Dr.UGraft ™ System Components