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Complete Set-Up Instructional Guide for the Dr.UGraft System

How to Assemble, Set Up and Operate the Dr.UGraft Intuitive FUE System – Complete Instructional Guide

This set of complete online instructions for the  Dr.UGraft ™ system  serves as as a convenient, at-your-fingertips reference for assembling the Dr.UGraft ™ components, operating…
How to Set Up the Dr.UGraft System Components

How to Assemble the Dr.UGraft ™ Hair Transplant System Components

In an office-clinic setting, the most ideal place to set up and assemble the Dr.UGraft ™ hair transplant system is on a mobile cabinet. As…
How to Sterilize the Dr.UGraft Hand Piece and Punch

How to Sterilize the Dr.UGraft ™ Nurture Hand Piece and the Dr.UGraft ™ Flared Hybrid Punch For the First Time

Dr.UGraft™ punch which arrives in a travel-ready suitcase comes with two components that require sterilization upon first use.  This includes the hand piece attached to…
The Dr.UGraft Foot Pedal
How to Operate the Dr.UGraft™ Foot Pedal