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The Dr.UGraft system includes a wide range of smart and intelligent features built into the devices and components, such as innate, built in hair transplant depth control for better coverage
About the Dr. Ugraft System

Operating the Dr.UGraft ™ Console – The Fluid, Speed and Strength Settings

With the Dr.UGraft ™ console, practitioners are able to customise the speed and strength settings of the punch as well as functionalities of the fluid…
About the Dr. Ugraft System

Breaking Down The Dr.UGraft ™ System After Surgery

Following a surgical procedure, it is then time to take apart the  Dr.UGraft™ components and prepare the equipment for cleaning and sterilization. First, disconnect the…
Cleaning and Wiping Down the Dr.UGraft Console After Surgery
About the Dr. Ugraft System

Sanitizing the Dr.UGraft ™ Console and Autoclaving the Handpiece After a Hair Transplant

Following a hair transplant surgery, sanitizing  the Dr.UGraft ™ console is accomplished by wiping down using a recommended surgical disinfectant such as Maxide wipes which is…
Basic Dr.UGraft System Components
About the Dr. Ugraft System
A Summary and Overview of the Dr.UGraft ™ System Components