Doctors Get Hands-On Experience With Dr.UGraft ™ At ISHRS Live Training Workshop In Istanbul

Published On June 28, 2019. Last Updated on November 12, 2020.

The Dr.UGraft ™ Intuitive FUE system was presented at the ISHRS FUE Cadaver Hands-On and Live Surgery Workshop in Istanbul, offering attendees an opportunity to actually use the device while practicing new techniques for harvesting hair transplant donor grafts. The three-day training conference was held at the Acibadem University and took place from April 19-21.

Tayfun Oganozlu MD, FISHRS and Kayihan Sahinoglu MD, FISHRS served as the co-chairs and worked alongside with fellow ISHRS faculty member, Ekrem Civas MD, FISHRS to organize this event.

Dr.UGraft ™ Helps Hair Transplant Surgeons Perform More Effortless Donor Extractions

The doctors who attended this training were given the chance to experience the self-navigating functionality of the Dr.UGraft ™ intelligent punch as they extracted hair follicle grafts. Unlike standard basic FUE devices, the engineering involved eliminates the need to rely on the visible hair shaft as a cue for locating the follicular unit. Even when the punch is accidentally misaligned, it is still possible to extract high quality, intact grafts with extremely minimal transection rates.

As a rather special surprise, this particular workshop in Istanbul debuted an exciting focal highlight for the attendees through the use of fixated cadavers, resulting from the research and work of Dr.Sahinoglu. He is the developer of a new and improved preservation method which helps the cadavers retain many of the skin characteristics observed in live patients.

While the use of fresh, frozen cadavers has been conventionally used in live training courses, one of the main drawbacks is that it significantly alters how the skin tissue behaves. And this can contribute to higher instances of transected grafts.

At this event, attendees were able to gain greater confidence in their extraction skills by learning a more effortless approach to donor extractions through the use of the Dr.UGraft ™ punch system. And the availability of fixated cadavers enabled them to receive accurate feedback about their performance through realistic transection rates.

Dr.UGraft ™ Technology Becomes More Widely Available Around the World

While Dr.UGraft ™ devices have their origins in the United States, more hair transplant doctors around the world are starting to express their enthusiasm for this instrumentation by choosing our system for their surgeries. Prospective patients in many different countries around the globe where our technology is available can now benefit from the offerings made possible by our brand and achieve new breakthrough possibilities for their final outcomes.

Frequently Asked Questions – Live FUE Training Courses With Dr.UGraft ™

Where can I learn more about Dr.UGraft ™ live FUE training events?

If you are interested in updates for upcoming Dr.UGraft ™ live FUE training events, please visit Los Angeles Hair Restoration Courses.

Who can qualify to undergo live FUE trainings with Dr.UGraft ™ ?

The Dr.UGraft ™ live FUE training courses are open to clinic providers who have purchased a Dr.UGraft ™ device. Registration for our hands-on workshops is open to staff members with the following degree credentials: MD, DO MBBS, MBChB, PA (Physician Assistant) and NP (Nurse Practitioner)

How long does each FUE live training workshop for learning how to use Dr.UGraft ™ technology last? Where are these hands-on courses held?

Each Dr.UGraft ™ live FUE training workshop is a two-day event held at Dr.U’s Manhattan Beach clinic in the Los Angeles area.

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