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Sanitizing the Dr.UGraft ™ Console and Autoclaving the Handpiece After a Hair Transplant

Published On June 28, 2019. Last Updated on September 29, 2019.

Following a hair transplant surgery, sanitizing  the Dr.UGraft ™ console is accomplished by wiping down using a recommended surgical disinfectant such as Maxide wipes which is intended for use on all surgical tools.

Cleaning and Wiping Down the Dr.UGraft Console After Surgery

Sanitizing the Dr.UGraft Console after surgery

Autoclaving the Nurture Handpiece After Sanitizing the Dr.UGraft  Console

Autoclaving the Dr.UGraft handpiece/punch after surgery

Autoclaving the Dr.UGraft™ handpiece/punch after surgery

  1. Take the hand piece and cord to the sterilization room.
  2. Clean the unit using detergent. Gently soak it and use a scrub to remove blood or debris
  3. Rinse the hand piece using distilled water
  4. After rinsing, the hand piece is then ready to be placed in a sterilization pouch of the appropriate size.
  5. As before, place the hand piece along with the attached cord into the bag which you would then seal closed.
  6. Place the sterilization pouch containing the hand piece and cord into the autoclave machine.
  7. Set the autoclave temperature to a minimum of 135 C (273 F) for 15 minutes. The color indicator on the back of the pouch would also help to confirm when the sterilization process is complete. Again, you also have the option to sterilize the Dr.UGraft ™ hand piece and cord using plasma sterilization which uses ionized gas, instead of temperature.

Following through with appropriate care and maintenance will help ensure  the proper functioning of the Dr.UGraft ™ system. Troubleshooting measures can be found in the instructional pamphlet which is included in the suitcase of parts of and components.

Access the comprehensive online guide for setting up the Dr.UGraft system here.

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