Published On November 6, 2018. Last Updated on December 7, 2021.

Dr.UGraft™ System

The Dr.UGraft Zeus system is made up of three innovative parts: The Dr.UGraft Zeus Console, the Dr.UPunch i (The Intelligent Punch), and the Dr.UGraft Nurture handpiece.

Zeus Console:

guides the operator to the correct settings, specific to the skin type of the patient

Dr.UPunch i:

built-in, self-guiding, self-navigating punch that eliminates the need for depth control

Nurture Handpiece:

fluid-enabled system that hydrates grafts for optimal performance and minimal graft handling

The Dr.UGraft™ Zeus console houses the computer motherboard that controls the driver of The Intelligent Punch. It features a multimodal movement capability and a proprietary UForce (Torque) mode that is calibrated to uniquely interact with the intelligent punch in a manner that renders the entire system intuitive and responsive to skin texture and thickness. This unique concept represents a paradigm shift in FUE that created the first All-Purpose FUE system. Catering to all FUE scenarios using only one type of punch design, it does All scalp hair FUE regardless of skin or hair type or race. It does non-shaven short or long hair FUE, All beard, and All body hair FUE. The console is touch screen and features controls for speed, timers, reset modes, and for the first time in FUE a set of presets for all know FUE scenarios including:

  • Typical Scalp (Most non African descended Individuals)
  • Thin Scalp
  • Thick Scalp (Many African Descended Individuals)
  • Typical Body
  • Beard
  • Non-Shaven (aka Long Hair FUE)
  • Custom Settings

To operate the system, the practitioner begins by selecting from the aforementioned preset tabs the FUE scenario they are presented with. They have the option of doing custom settings as well.

The movement mode features the possibility of 4 types of movement and is capable of executing 1, 2 or 3 types of movements in one score action. Furthermore, the operator has the option of either operating the device automatically, whereupon the device discharges a score action at a time interval chosen by the practitioner or go manual, whereupon each score action is executed by the press of a foot pedal.

The console also features on its dashboard setting for controlling the rate of fluid irrigation if the fluid option is active. The foot pedal controls the punch movement activator as well as the fluid graft ejection prompt for ejecting impacted grafts.

The Intelligent Punch™ (aka The DrUPunch i™)

The Intelligent Punch™ (The DrUPunch i™) features:

A proprietary advanced flared hybrid punch tip, a patent pending shape and a patented inner and outer texturing that enables 

  • the intelligent navigation of any type of hair angulation and follicle positioning
  • innate depth control
  • safety measures exposing the graft to a non-threatening dull curved surface as the cutting edge directs away from the follicle into the surrounding tissue

This highly intuitive unit is designed to enable safe, intuitive extractions while eliminating guesswork on depth penetration and the actual positioning of the follicle below the skin’s surface.