African American patient with hair loss due to childhood accident gets a hairline restoration with advanced Dr.UGraft technology.

African American Hair Transplant

Frontal view of the patient before and after his eyebrow transplant procedure using leg hair.

Eyebrow Transplant –
Use of Leg Hair

This patient received an eyebrow transplant using nape hair with the Dr.UGraft System.

Eyebrow Transplant –
Use of Nape Hair

Close up view of the patient before and 6 months after her eyelash transplant using leg hair.

Eyelash Transplant –
Use of Leg Hair

The Dr.UGraft System helped this patient correct poor growth after previous hair transplant at other clinics.

Hair Transplant Repair –
Poor Growth

The Dr.UGraft System allowed this patient to achieve coverage and repair his hair transplant scars from previous surgeries.Hair Transplant Repair –
Flap Procedure & Scalp Reduction

Before and after strip scar repair

Hair Transplant Repair –
Strip Surgery

The Intelligent Punch (Dr.UPunch i helped this patient meet a high graft estimate by augmenting the donor supply with beard grafts.

Severe/Advanced Baldness