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A Summary and Overview of the Dr.UGraft ™ System Components

Published On June 28, 2019. Last Updated on December 10, 2021.

When you purchase the Dr.UGraft ™ system, the components arrive in a travel-convenient, portable suitcase. They include:

  • Dr.UGraft ™ Zeus Console with foot pedal
  • Nurture hand piece
  • Intelligent Punches (Dr.UGraft i)
  • power cord with two different power options, 110 volts (Americas) and 220 volts for Europe and other nations
  • instructional manual

The Dr.UGraft system components featuring the console, hand piece, foot pedal, power cord and instructional guide

Additionally, the Dr.UGraft™ system components also arrives with the following consumable items:

  • physiologic fluid bag
  • Dr.UGraft™ tubing system

Basic Features and Functions of Individual Dr.UGraft ™ System Components

Before attempting to put the Dr.UGraft ™ system components together, it is helpful to understand the basic function and role of each item.

The Dr.UGraft ™ Revolution console encases the computer system which controls the foot pedal and handpiece.

The Dr.UGraft ™ Nurture hand piece powers and operates the patented flared hybrid punch. The fluid tube connects to an entrance port on the side which directs hydration to the grafts during the scoring phase and also to eject any grafts which may have been impacted inside the punch.

The Dr.UGraft ™ foot pedal consists of a left pedal and a right pedal. The left pedal controls the Dr.UGraft ™ nurture hand piece. The right pedal operates the graft ejection functionality in a quick and safe, hands-free manner, giving practitioners the freedom to continue onward with the procedure in a smooth, uninterrupted fashion, without having to sacrifice grafts with forceps.

The Dr.UGraft ™ power cord comes with two adaptor types

  1. 110 volts (for the Americas)
  2. 220 volts (for Europe and other countries which use the electrical grid system)

The included user manual describes how to set up, operate and troubleshoot the system.

Here is a summary of the three consumable components needed to operate the Dr.UGraft ™ system.

1. The physiologic fluid bag is an off-the-shelf product, the same item used to administer IV fluid. There is nothing unique or special about it.

2. The Dr.UGraft ™ tubing system arrives already sterilized and package-sealed. Be sure that the package is unbroken. Otherwise, it should not be used. The tubing connects the physiologic fluid bag to the Dr.UGraft ™ Nurture handpiece through a fluid port on the side.


The Dr.UGraft ™ Intelligent Punch (Dr.UGraft i) has a distinct flared, hybrid conical shape. The flaring works to correct punch misalignment, punch misangulation and also to prevent torsion. Additionally, the conical aspect of this shape provides intuitive depth-control, stopping the punch at the precise point, preventing it from advancing any further.

Dr.UGraft® Zeus FUE Hair Transplant System complete fluid enabled handpiece

Dr.UGraft® Zeus FUE Hair Transplant System handpiece with all accessories

The Dr.UGraft ™ flared, hybrid punch is optimized to work seamlessly together with the Dr.UGraft ™ Nurture hand piece to consistently extract viable in-tact grafts for all hair types (e.g. straight, wavy, curly, Afro-textured) and all donor areas (e.g. scalp, nape, beard, chest, abdomen, legs.

Learn More

Learn more about the Dr.UGraft Zeus system and its individual components here.

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