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    Revolutionary Invention

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What is Dr.UGraft™ and Why It Matters

The Dr.UGraft Revolution™  is a patented advanced Follicular Unit Extraction technology system designed to perform successful and reliable extractions for the most challenging hair transplant cases including:

  • Body hair grafts extractions
  • Nape and peri-auricular hair extraction
  • Severe baldness hair restoration and repairs from multiple past procedures and
  • Afro-textured hair FUE
  • Asian hairline restoration

Key Features:

One technology to extract hair from the head, nape, limbs, torso in all skin and hair types.
• Less foot print (Punch size for punch size, creates smaller and better healing wound because of patented punch configurations)
• Graft nurturing (Impacted grafts immediately identified and ejected hands-free)
• Easier procedure, with less learning curve
• Hydrate grafts during procedure for better yield / regrowth
Minimal graft handling/ Minimal heat damage

New Opportunities For Underserved Patient Demands

The time for a new chapter in hair restoration has now arrived. Dr.UGraft Revolution, with it’s Dr.UPunch i™ and Dr.UPunch Curl™ instrumentation is designed to open new doors of opportunity for even the most challenging patient groups to achieve remarkable growth and coverage along with true to life details.

By becoming a credentialed Dr.UGraft™ surgeon, your clinic is positioned to offer high demand hair transplant procedures to patients whose cases would otherwise labeled as difficult or hopeless. Thanks to this technology and your skills, these individuals can finally achieve their long sought-after vision for a renewed version of themselves.

Dr. UGraft™ also gives surgeons the means to produce exceedingly natural looking results when finer hairs are needed:

  • Hairline restoration
  • Temple and temple point restorations
  • Eyebrow restoration
  • Eyelash transplant procedures

This unprecedented system of groundbreaking FUE instruments presents new offerings for hyper specialized hair transplant procedures that can now be available to patients who have waited for these possibilities for so long.

Why Dr.UGraft?

Video Overview: Dr.UGraft Revolution System Versatility

Thanks to Dr.UGraft™ technology, these hair transplant patients can now live happy normal lives with renewed confidence in their appearance. Watch this video to learn more about their stories.

View More Videos in Our Gallery  


UGraft features are designed to overcome the limitations of previous generation FUE hair transplant punches. Learn how they benefit both patients and doctors.

 Allows impossible hair transplant cases to become possible..

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 Exceeds performance goals for regular hair transplant cases.

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 Improves yield by producing more robust grafts.

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 Enables better wound healing results due to the wound configuration produced.

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 Excludes the need to remove stuck grafts, making the procedure relatively faster.

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Latest Dr.UGraft Case Studies


Dr.UGraft™ technology has enabled phenomenal hair transplant results for a wide range of patient cases, ranging from typical to more difficult challenges. See before and after images of real people and real results achieved with Dr.UGraft™ devices.  

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