Published On August 16, 2022. Last Updated on August 20, 2022.

Doctor Testimonials

See what other doctors say about Dr.UGraft Zeus.

Dr. Chris Bisanga – Belgium

“Love the way the Zeus going in in this afro patient . My first case with Zeus 2000 grafts in less than 2h punching with 19 G.”

Dr. Kavish Chouhan – India

“with zeus it's way better and the Graft have much better tissue support in lower half which is crucial especially in body hairs”

Dr. Alejandro Gonzalez – Mexico

“Amazing!!! Zeus makes every FUE procedure addictive. Once you try it, you cant stop!”

Dr. Alessandro Guedes – Brazil

“Today I tried Ugraft for the first time. I was used to perform my surgeries with WAW or Mamba System. I thought the Ugraft device amazing......You place the punch and just let it go. No transection. It was just my first time but I really think it’s gonna be a breaktrough in FUE extraction. Congratulations @Sanusi Umar - Dr. U !”

Dr. Vikram Jayaprakash – Australia

“With any other machine, trying to navigate the different parts of the scalp with all that scar tissue would have kept me up last night. But with the Zeus I was able to change the settings in a very elegant manner as I moved through the case and kept the transaction rate to 6%. This machine literally saved my sanity today, and I think will have gone a long way into making this particular outcome very promising in the next 12 months. Congrats @Sanusi Umar - Dr. U and to The Zeus!!”

Dr. Boudine Lohlun – South Africa

“I have been working with the Ugraft since 2019 and have upgraded to the Zeus. The technology has made all the difference in FUE, it has been a game changer! The healing time, post op wounds and graft quality as well as transection rate is not comparable to other FUE machines. Any skin type, body area or hair curl is no challenge for the Zeus machine to extract perfect grafts anytime.”

Dr. Juan Maldonado – Colombia

“This is the best machine for Afro, long and body hair. All in one! Congratulations”

Dr. Aron Nusbaum – USA

“The Ugraft Zeus system created by Dr. Umar is a revolutionary advancement in FUE. Using the intelligent punch, it allows the surgeon to consistently extract intact follicular units not only from the scalp, but also from nearly any hair bearing area on the body. This brings hope for patients with advanced hairloss where the scalp donor supply alone may not be sufficient to achieve a significant cosmetic result. In addition, the Zeus has allowed us to expand our practice with long hair no shave fue. This procedure was previously very tedious and thanks to the Zeus it has become simple and efficient yielding large graft numbers with minimal transection.”

Dr. Achiamah Osei Tutu – USA

“The Zeus is by far the most superior follicular unit extraction device I have used, allowing you to efficiently perform FUE in all patients irrespective of hair type.”

Dr. Damkerng Pathomvanich – Thailand

“Thanks Sanusi. Zeus is a genius device”

Dr. Paul Rose – USA

“The Ugraft represents a significant improvement for FUE graft harvesting. The device in combination with its Intelligent Punch provides probably the easiest means for a novice to learn proficient harvesting. For those with prior FUE skill it is quickly apparent that it is one of the most superior devices. The ability to adjust various parameters makes it an ideal device to depend on for FUE harvesting.”

Dr. Maria Marta Zollinger – Brazil

“FUE with Zeus. A wonderful device!

Long hair with Zeus. All possibilities. I’ve tried beard, chest and long hair, and different types of hair and skin

Zeus opens all possibilities to extract hair in all parts of the body. Easy and simple to perform the surgery. No difficult to extract body hair

You can perform NW IV or VII … that’s great !”

“it's amazing that same punch can take out long hair as well as normal FUe Zeus surely is a fantastic device and all grafts come out easily with single forceps while conventionally some grafts do require 2 forceps technique.”

“Zeus has helped me fall in love with long hair fue thanks @Sanusi Umar - Dr. U for creating breakthrough device .”

“Zeus makes body hair extraction and long hair extraction very easy 👌 with sharp serrated punch transaction rate for body FU used to be much higher”