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Breaking Down The Dr.UGraft ™ System After Surgery

Published On June 28, 2019. Last Updated on October 31, 2020.

Following a surgical procedure, it is then time to take apart the  Dr.UGraft™ components and prepare the equipment for cleaning and sterilization.

First, disconnect the fluid bag and dispose of it. Next, you will be inserting the tubing into two ounces of distilled water. The purpose of this step is to flush the hand piece and to free it from any residue or debris as well as salt water.

How to Flush the Dr.UGraft Hand Piece with Distilled Water Following Surgery

  1. Take the end of the tube that used to be attached to the physiologic fluid bag.
  2. Insert the tubing end into a cup containing 2 ounces of distilled water
  3. Press the right foot pedal and flush water into a receptacle of your choice. You will need to use up the entire two ounces in order to rinse the internal components of the hand piece of the salt from the physiologic fluid. This is a very important process to implement because salt does have a corrosive effect on the internal structures of the hand piece.  It will take about 1 minute to complete the flushing.

Take Apart the Dr.UGraft ™ Components – Breaking Down the Rest of the System

Breaking Down the Dr.UGraft System After Hair Transplant Surgery

Breaking Down the Dr.UGraft System After Hair Transplant Surgery

Once you have discarded the fluid bag and flushed the hand piece, you will need to break down the rest of the Dr.UGraft ™ system.

  1. Disconnect the fluid tube from the hand piece.
  2. Disconnect the tubing from the console by first unsnapping the pump hood on the back of the unit
  3. Discard the tubing
  4. Disconnect the punch by pushing up the collar of the hand piece to free the punch.
  5. Place the punch in a receptacle or discard it
  6. Unplug the hand piece from the console. Pull the sleeve at the end of the cord backwards to free the bolts which keeps it hooked to the console. Then simply pull the cord out of the console port.

Video: Learn How to Take Apart the Dr.UGraft Components and Sterilize the System After Surgery

Watch this video to learn the proper procedure for taking apart the different components of the Dr.UGraft ™ system and performing the necessary sterilization processes following a hair transplant surgery. 

What’s Next

Once the components of the Dr.UGraft™ system have been broken down following surgery, you will then need to sanitize the console and autoclave the Nurture ™ hand piece. 

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