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Severe/Advanced Baldness

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Individuals who fall under the category of severe advanced baldness (Norwood 6-7) have long been rejected as hair transplant candidates since head donor graft supplies are no longer sufficient for producing improved coverage. Many of them don’t wish to shave off their remaining hair. Nor do they want to rely on a hairpiece or toupee. Instead, they simply want to restore the youthful coverage they once had. The patient case below outlines how the Dr.UGraft System allows for the restoration of severe hair loss.

Before Large Volume Body Hair Graft Extraction

Through the use of body hair follicles, abundant new sources of grafts can be made available to the severely bald who wish to benefit from hair restoration.


The Dr.UPunch i ™ device of the Dr.UGraft™ system offers a reliable means for achieving this objective through life-changing procedures to treat the most extreme cases of male pattern baldness. This is achieved through several patent and non-patented graft grip, pull, score, and release features.

Hair Transplant Graft Damage By Surgical Error

There is much higher risk of error when regular FUE tools are used in trying to encapsulate these follicles, using the sharply angled (or curled) hair shafts as visual cues.

The more advanced design of Dr.UPunch i ™  accounts for the sharp or irregular hair to skin angulation of body hair follicles, enabling surgeons to perform accurate and safe extractions and create large volume donor pools.

Hair Transplant Graft Damage By Air Exposure

Additionally, as with all Dr.UGraft™ devices, a water-irrigation system is attached to the punch and serves to gently pull the grafts, immediately exposing them to a hydrated environment as they are transported to a holding receptacle. This eliminates the risk of desiccation by air exposure, the number one cause of follicular death in a hair transplant procedure.

The Intelligent Punch (Dr.UPunch i helped this patient meet a high graft estimate by augmenting the donor supply with beard grafts.

The Intelligent Punch (Dr.UPunch i helped this patient meet a high graft estimate by augmenting the donor supply with beard grafts. *


This severely bald patient benefited from Dr.UGraft’s ability to meet high hair transplant graft estimate demands. Over 10,000 grafts from the head and body were used for global coverage.*

Dr.U Punch i™ – Making Hair Transplants Possible for Severely Bald (Norwood 6-7) Patients

The features of Dr.UPunch i ™ enable surgeons to acquire prolific quantities of grafts from other areas of the body when scalp sources have been depleted.  In the right candidates, the device can be used to extract follicles from the beard areas, the chest, the stomach and back to reverse the signs of hair loss even in the most severely bald individuals.

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