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Hair Transplant Repair – Strip Surgery

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Published On December 21, 2017. Last Updated on December 7, 2021.

In some cases, former strip surgery patients are left with severely depleted donor graft quantities on the scalp. This presents a major obstacle when their goals are to conceal their scar and also to replenish areas of poor growth from past failed surgeries.

When not enough hair is available on a patient’s head to achieve their desired coverage, it becomes imperative to use additional graft sources.  With the right extraction technology, body regions can potentially provide abundant quantities of new donor follicles. Dr.UPunch i ™ was precisely designed to meet this patient need.

Choosing the Right Device for Strip Surgery Repair – The Intelligent Punch (Dr.UPunch i™)  Versus Basic FUE Punches

With regular Follicular Unit Extraction punches, the angulation and curvature of body hair make it difficult to safely and accurately extract these follicles. Dr.UPunch i ™, on the other hand, requires shorter initial punch incisions which avoid severing the follicle.13

Furthermore, the cutting axis of the punch is curved away from the graft. A patented gentle water pulling system safely removes the follicle, transporting it to an aqueous holding environment.

No air drying vacuum or suction is used. Hydrated grafts will heal better in the recipient area and be able to survive long term.

Precisely Designed For Strong, Healthy Grafts

The UGraft system used with the The Intelligent Punch (Dr.UPunch i ™) extraction tool reduces the risk of mechanical damage to the follicle as well as air drying, the two leading causes of graft failure. Whether used for head or body hair, this revolutionary technology enables doctors to harvest ample quantities of healthy and sustainable grafts to achieve the best possible coverage for their patients. Individuals who suffer from poorly conducted strip surgeries can now hope for abundant and renewed growth as well as the successful concealment of their scars.


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Read Dr. U’s study, Use of beard hair as a donor source to camouflage the linear scars of follicular unit hair transplant published in JPRAS (Journal of Plastic Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery)

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