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How to Sterilize the Dr.UGraft ™ Nurture Hand Piece and the Dr.UGraft ™ Flared Hybrid Punch For the First Time

Published On June 28, 2019. Last Updated on November 5, 2020.

Dr.UGraft™ punch which arrives in a travel-ready suitcase comes with two components that require sterilization upon first use.  This includes the hand piece attached to the power cord, and secondly, the punch tip itself.

The pre-packaged tubing has already been sterilized. But as noted earlier, check to be sure that the package seal has not been broken. Otherwise it will need to be discarded, as opposed to using or sterilizing the tubing.  

The Dr.UGraft hand piece and punch will need to be sterilized for the first time after they arrive.

Sterilize the Dr.UGraft ™ Nurture Handpiece Together With the Power Cord

The Dr.UGraft ™ Nurture handpiece arrives with the power cord already attached as a single unit. And both must be sterilized together. They are never to be detached for any reason.

Here is the process to sterilize the Dr.UGraft™ Nurture hand piece.

  1. Coil up the power cord and place it along with the attached Dr.UGraft ™ Nurture hand piece in a sterilization bag. Then seal it.
  2. Place the bag inside the autoclave machine. The ideal temperature setting can range from 134-135 degrees Celcius, for a duration of 15 minutes.

Knowing When The Sterilization Process Is Complete

Following the guidelines provided above (i.e. 134-135 degrees Celcius for 15 minutes) is one way to ensure sterilization. Likewise, you can also refer to the color-change indicator on the bag itself. If the arrow stays pink, this means that the sterilization process has not reached completion. The color brown indicates that the contents have been properly sterilized.

Another method for sterilizing the Dr.UGraft ™ hand piece and punch is the method of using ionized gas, also known as plasma sterilization.

How To Sterilize the Dr.UGraft ™ Flared, Hybrid Intelligent Punch

The actual hybrid, flared punch unit must be sterilized in a separate, appropriate-sized bag. Once sealed, place the bag inside the autoclave machine, following the standards provided above (134-135 C for 15 min). You can check the color indicator on the outside of the pouch to make sure that the arrow has changed from pink to brown, as confirmation that the punch has been thoroughly sterilized.

What’s Next

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