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The Dr.UGraft™ team attended the 4th International Congress, organized by the Korean Society of Hair Restoration Surgery (KSHRS), in Seoul, Korea. At this workshop, faculty members, both international and domestic, performed live hair transplant surgery and shared their knowledge and expertise with attendees. Dr. Sanusi Umar, aka Dr. U, founder of the Dr.UGraft™ Advanced Hair Transplant System, was honored to attend and perform a linear-scar free FUE hair transplant surgery in Korea using the patented Intelligent Punch™ (Dr.UPunch i™)


Dr. Sanusi Umar, inventor of the Dr.UGraft Revolution, demonstrates the advanced hair transplant system in live surgery.

Dr. Sanusi Umar, inventor of the Dr.UGraft Revolution, demonstrates the advanced hair transplant system in live surgery.


The unique hybrid nature of the Intelligent Punch™, combined with patented and unpatented graft grip, pull, score, and release mechanisms enables a simplified approach to FUE surgery. Watch the video below in which a majority of grafts scored with the Intelligent Punch™ are collected with a swipe of gauze over the donor area — referred to as the FUE Swipe Maneuver.

Dr.UGraft Body Hair Transplant in Seoul, Korea

In addition to live FUE hair transplant surgery in Korea, using the Intelligent Punch™, Dr. U also shared his knowledge on body hair transplantation (BHT). The extraction of body hair is infamously difficult with conventional FUE punches due to the angled growth of the hair underneath the skin. Add into the mix a moving target, such as a chest or abdomen donor area, and the task can become even more impractical. Misalignment of the punch due to angled growth, moving donor area, or a mix of the two can result in transection. The Dr.UGraft™ System, however, avoids this outcome due to the flared-tip, hybrid sharp-dull cutting edge of the Intelligent Punch™ — in fact, a study published in the Annals of Plastic Surgery observed the success of this tool for BHT.

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Due to popular demand, Dr.UGraft™ will be sponsoring a hands-on FUE hair transplant workshop this October 6-7, conveniently a few days away from the 2018 ISHRS World Congress in Hollywood, Los Angeles. Save yourself an extra trip by arriving a few days early, and reap the rewards of life-like surgical experience using fresh-frozen cadavers. This is the perfect opportunity for providers looking to introduce a new service to their clinic, as well as intermediate-advanced providers who want to level up their FUE skills with body hair transplantation, afro-textured FUE, and other difficult FUE procedures. Click the link below to register before seats fill up!


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