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Dr.UPunch Stealth has a less hooked tip that works on non-tightly curled hair. Since no rotation or oscillation is involved in its mechanism of action, there is no chance of entanglement with surrounding hair when used in the setting of unshaved head donor area:

The Stealth Punch is mounted on DrUPunch Plunger manual handle which has a patent pending design that takes into account all ergonomic considerations for the provider’s benefit.

Dr.UPunch™ Stealth For FUE In Shaved Donor Areas
Although the Stealth punch was designed with unshaven FUE in mind, it is can be used in performing FUE in shaved head donor areas! Some providers may end up preferring this non rotary method of FUE over the methods that require rotary or oscillatory motioning of the punch.

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16 Gauge (1.65 mm outer diameter), 17 Gauge (1.50 mm outer diameter), 18 Gauge (1.15 mm outer diameter), 19 Gauge (1.05 mm outer diameter), 20 Gauge (0.9 mm outer diameter)


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