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The patented Dr.UPunch i™ Bazooka Punch is designed to intuitively overcome the problem areas of FUE to help clinics provide an intelligent hair punch service for all patients. The following features contribute to this design:

1. A revolutionary flared tip in which the cutting tip of the punch is directed away from the graft while presenting a non-threatening dull surface to the graft.

2. Better wound healing: The Dr.UPunch™ i Bazooka Punch tip configuration creates wounds with less everted edges which results in smaller wound openings that heal faster and better.
3. Patented texturing which intuitively exerts a gentle pulling action on the grafts without the aid of suction.

4. Elimination of the problem of graft impaction and torsion which is a cause of graft transection in traditional FUE punches.

5. Elimination of the need for depth control: The expanding tube wall in Dr.UPunch i™ Bazooka Punch serves as depth control as the provider meets with a resistance with advancing punch.

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16 Gauge (1.55 mm outer diameter), 17 Gauge (1.45 mm outer diameter), 18 Gauge (1.15 mm outer diameter), 19 Gauge (1.05 mm outer diameter), 20 Gauge (0.9mm outer diameter), 21 Gauge (0.85 – 0.88 mm outer diameter)


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