Patent 1

The handpiece for the Dr.UPunch i ™, which is used with the central Dr.Ugraft console received patent US20140031839 A1 in 2014 . This handpiece component is engineered with specialized mechanics that prevents common forms of damage to the hair follicle grafts

Patent 2

The uniquely shaped flared hybrid flared punch end of the Dr. UPunch i™ received patent number US8876847 B2 in 2014. It is designed to eliminate the guesswork in navigating  the course of the follicle and also to cut away from the graft for safer, more successful extractions

Patent 3

The Dr. UPunch Curl™ Manual punch for curled follicles received patent EP2939617 B1 in 2016. This highly specialized extraction device is keenly designed to accommodate the unique curved shape of Afro-textured hair follicles, making it possible for all black patients to benefit from successful FUE procedures.

Patent 4

Dr. UPunch Stealth ™ – (Patent: European EP2838448 B1 ) – First Non rotary punch for unshaven FUE. This manual system works in a manner similar to the Dr.UPunch Curl already described. However, Dr.UPunch Stealth has a less hooked tip that works on non-tightly curled hair.

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